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Rules of the forum

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Main rules:
  • 1. User posts may not express the opinions of administrators or moderators(except posts done by themselves)
    2. It is prohibited to posts propagating anger, insult, threatening, indecent, propagating illegal activities and spamming. Also, private messages with such content are not allowed.
    3. Expressions like "who cares?" etc are highly discouraged. If a thread's content is not interesting to you, then it is recommended to not read it. You may use expressions like "I am not interested in this topic" or avoid posting in a specific thread at all
    4. Every user has its own interests(for example thunderstorm observations). Some might be satisfied with the existence of thunderstorms, some do not want to hear about this. By any case, it is required to accept each other's interests(except in case if the interest is in breach of forum rules).
    • 4.1 Above does not mean that it is allowed to express your interests in a way what might cause flame wars
    5. It is highly discouraged to react any provocations. If any user tries to provoke flame war, it is recommended to ignore him or her. Participants of flame war may be subject to administrative intervention(see pt. 7)
    6. Every user may have only one user account. In case of multiple accounts will be discovered, user will be banned.
    7. User who breaches above rules, will get a warning. Administrative intervention occurs in following order:
    • 1. 2 warnings
      3. Ban (at administrator's discretion, lasting 1-2 weeks)
      3.1 Should user make another account during ban, the ban will be pernament
      4. Warning
      5. Ban (Up to a month).
      6. Warning
      7. Ban (At administrator's discretion, may be pernament).
    8. Administrators have a right to change the rules(Changes are accepted during a vote between administrators). Decisions are final.
    9. Administrators have the right to shorten the ban time or end the ban at all if user promises to avoid bad behaviour in the future
Additional rules:

* It is mandatory to note at least your home location's name in your profile.
* It is mandatory to write in a way that can be understood by all and without spelling mistakes
* Post's content must be informative and detailed.
* It is recommended that a thread for a certain temperature period(cold wave, head wave etc) should be started if any news source mentiones it. In other situations, you may make a thread to General weather in form "High/Low/Current temperatures on dd mmmm yyyy" (Like "High/Low/Current temperatures on 15 January 2007"). You may added detailed weather conditions description
* Only one thread about Thunderstorms and tornadoes may be opened per weather system(such as a low pressure area). In case thunderstorms may be expected with a storm, discussion about thunderstorms and a storm will be in the same thread. All current weather messages will come to thunderstorm threads once they are active. Examples of possible headlines:
  • * Thunderstorms on 15 June
    * Thunderstorms and a storm on 15 June
    * Thunderstorms caused by ex-hurricane Helene 15 June
    * -"-(any of them) and tornadoes on 15 June

Changed on 08 August 2007

Amended on 07 August to only allow full names.
Amended on 08 August to abolish the full name requirement due to protests from Estonian users
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